i’m going to try to get some sleep now, i’m probably in Greece the next time you’ll hear from me so y’all know. good night


Idk if I missed you but HAVE LOTS OF FUN WOW IM SO JEALOUS!! I want to go to Greece so bad!! Take lots of pics and next time take meeee!!! Have fun 😘

Aww, this is so cute. My flight leaves in 11 hours so there’s many hours left. I will eat Greek food and enjoy the country for you, and I will post photos here when I have the time. Thank you! 😀😘


I admit, I am an asshole. But I got a nice booty and my hair soft so I feel like I deserve the best like ????



i’m so protective of my favorite players even though they’re like 10 years older than me and muscular enough to break me in half

I’m going to Greece tomorrow morning (in 16 hours actually) so I won’t be on very much, I have some posts on queue so there will be lots of posts posted during the week I’m gone :-)

"ebba we are going to greece tomorrow morning, can you believe it?"
you have asked me this question six times already stop



Kaiser, a police dog, being saluted as he walks to be laid to rest after being diagnosed with severe kidney disease.

this is the first post to actually make me cry


i witnessed that happen to him that guy saved tyler with his phone the baseball was coming right at tylers head and that guy blocked it haha